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The Best Natural Cosmetics from Companies That Care

I very rarely thought about the chemicals I was putting on/in my body until recently. Like most people, I just figured that if a product was sold in the US, it was safe to use. I was so, so wrong. Just think for a minute about everything that you touch or put on your skin on a daily basis. What do you use to clean your clothes? How about your house? Or what about the products you purposely put on your skin everyday for beauty reasons. Shampoo? Make-up? Hand lotion? That’s a lot of different products right?

What is super scary is that there is very little regulations placed on the cosmetics industry in the US. In fact there hasn’t been a major federal law regulating the cosmetic industry since 1938 AND while the EU has banned nearly 1400* ingredients from cosmetics, the US has only banned 11**. I am not a scientist, but since Big Business seems to run our country more than our own government these days, I think that maybe we should look into these other 1389 chemicals that other countries have banned from their cosmetics.

Anyway, back to where this is all coming from. After I found out I was pregnant I started to realize how many products touch my skin on a daily basis. I decided to be more careful about what goes into mine and my baby’s blood streams. After all, your skin IS your largest organ. Now I love makeup and hair products, obviously, and there is no way I could ever give them all up, but it got me thinking. If I trade ½ of the products I own in for a healthier version, that means I decreased the chemicals I put in my body by 50%! 50%! That is huge!

A couple years ago, a friend told me about The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) website where you can search the hazard rating of the products you use. Of course I went straight to it and plugged all of my products in there, needless to say it’s pretty eye-opening. They also offer an app for your phone as well now, it’s called Skin Deep. The ratings are 1-10, with 10 being the most hazardous. I will include the available EWG scores for the products below. I try not to use anything above a 3 on my skin.

A lot of people say that the “safe” products aren’t as effective, and I have to agree to some point. For example, I haven’t found a natural hairspray or mascara that I like nearly as much as the “normal” ones. And for weddings, I have no plan switching to all natural products, that wouldn’t serve my clients best interests. However, for myself and my everyday routine, I have found some highly effective, safe products that I adore and that I would love to share with you. Not all of these products are “all natural”, but they are all safe and without harmful ingredients.

Skin Care

Beautycounter: Countertime beautycounter_countertime-collection_main_1534x1168Collection
Why? This company was founded on the basis of providing the highest quality, safest products possible. They were successful. None of their products have a higher EWG rating than 2, AND they are all pretty amazing products. You will see a couple other BC products sprinkled throughout this list, but the Countertime Skin Care line is by far my favorite. My skin feel so incredibly soft after using them day and night. My ultra-sensitive skin is not irritated at all, and it is a clear as can be. My favorite products are the Nourishing Cleansing Balm, Uplifting Day Cream, Restorative Night Cream and the Vibrant Eye Perfector.

Price: $40-75
Where to Buy:
EWG Rating: All products are rating between 0-2

As a side note, I searched Skin Deep for my favorite bronzer today and it was a 5!! Needless to say, I will be ordering the Beautycounter bronzers in both colors today since they are a 1. I didn’t mention it in my list because I don’t own them yet, but I have used them and they are awesome. I use bronzer as a natural color to darken the crease on my eyes and I definitely want a safe product for that! Moving on…


Tarte: Amazonian Clay 12-Hour BlushBest natural powdered blush
Why? This stuff is highly pigmented, and it lasts and lasts. Not to mention that Tarte is a pretty cool company that makes “pure, powerful cosmetics” and adds ingredients like vitamins, essential oils, minerals, and, in this case, real Amazonian Clay harvested from the banks of the Amazon River.

Price: $28
Where to Buy:
EWG Rating: 3



Beautycounter: Tint Skin Foundation
Why? Most importantly, it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or ingredients that are bad for your skin or health. It goes on smoothly, lasts all day, and provides a light-medium coverage that takes away redness and leaves your skin looking fresh and healthy.

Price: $38
Where to Buy:
EWG Rating: 2


Loose/Setting Powderbest mineral loose powder

Jane Iredale: Amazing Matte
Why? Jane Iredale is a mineral based company that includes broad spectrum sun protection in all of their products. This specific product is awesome because it is good for all skin tones and types, it is made with rice starch instead of talc, so it doesn’t irritate your skin, and it mattifies your skin naturally.

Price: $35
Where to Buy:
EWG Rating: 2



Tarte: Tartelette best safe eyeshadowAmazonian Clay Matte Palette
Why? I already told you how awesome Tarte is, but this palette is so, so perfect for everyday use. With 12 neutral colors good for every skin-tone, you have tons of options to create everything from a sleek day-look to a sexy smokey eye.

Price: $44
Where to Buy:
EWG Rating: Not available



Beautycounter: Lip Sheerbeautycounter_lip-sheer_scarlet_1534x1168_view1_1
Why? Creamy, Creamy and more Creamy, plus high pigmentation and a great color selection. Twig, Coral, Rose and Scarlett (pictured) are my fave! Again, I already talked about Beautycounter, it’s a company you can trust to make safe products everytime.

Price: $28
Where to Buy:
EWG Rating: 1



Grateful Naturals: Deodorant Stickpure_botanical_skin_care
Why? It smells delicious and it works. I have tried a bunch of natural deodorants and this is the first one that actually works. Not only are you not smelly at the end of the day, but your underarms actually have a wonderful aroma. The base formula includes shea butter and coconut oil, so whether you choose Grapefruit, Lavender, Vanilla, Coconut, Lemongrass or unscented, it has a light fresh scent that is just heavenly. I choose the Vanilla and I can’t recommend it enough. Another plus for those of you from the Ventura County area, this company is local! You would be supporting a local mother and you can pick it up from her house, you don’t even have to pay shipping!

Price: $12.99
Where to Buy:
EWG Rating: Not available


Hand Cream

Kiehl’s: Ultimate Stregth Hand SalveUltimate_Strength_Hand_Salve_3700194708498_2.5fl.oz.
Why? It’s amazing! It works practically overnight, it doesn’t have an obnoxious smell, and it’s Kiehl’s. A natural, trustworthy company that makes safe products that work. And that’s all I have to say about that one haha. Just buy it, you wont be disappointed!

Price: $22 (5 oz. tube)
Where to Buy:
EWG Rating: Not available


In-Shower Body Lotion

Sweet Almond OilBest way to moisterize your skin in the shower
Why? Along with it being 100% natural, it is THE most effective way I have ever found to moisturize your skin. I don’t even use body lotion most of the time. How do you use it, you ask? After you turn off the water in the shower, put a small amount of oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and apply it to your arms, legs, tummy, chest… anywhere you want to be silky soft. Then you just towel dry as normal. You aren’t super oily and it doesn’t ruin your towels. Viola!

Price: $10
Where to Buy: Amazon
EWG Rating: Not available, but it’s 100% natural so I’m assuming it is 0


Body Scrub

Farmhouse Fresh: Body Scrub
Why? Your skin will feel and smell amazing. The scrubs are a mainly combination of salt or sugar, and oils. They aren’t 100% natural, but each scent lists it’s natural percentage. For example, the Triple Shot Caramel Coffee Body Scrub (pictured) is 97% natural. How cool is that? I received the Sweet Cream as a gift and I like it a lot, but I would love to try all of the scents, especially the Coconut Beach!

Price: $34
Where to Buy:
EWG Rating: 3


Lip Scrub/Exfoliatorbest natural lip scrub

Sara Happ: “The Lip Scrub”
Why? It works! The brown sugar crystals and natural oils make for a powerful exfoliator, and a tasty one at that. I use it once a week to keep my lips soft and moist. I have the Brown Sugar, but all of them smell yummy!

Price: $24
Where to Buy: Nordstrom
EWG Rating: 1-2 depending on the flavor


Eye Make-up Remover

Organic Coconut Oil43426_1
Why? All natural, smells heavenly (if you like coconut), and removes mascara like nothing else while moisturizing your skin at the same time.

Price: varies
Where to Buy: Whole Foods, Costco, Amazon
EWG Rating: Not available, but it’s 100% natural so I’m assuming it is 0


More of My Favorite Safe/Natural Products

Bar Soap: Honest Company
Baby Shampoo/Body Wash: Earth Mama Angel Baby
Baby Wipes: Babyganics
Bottle/Dish Soap: Babyganics

Like always, if you want to know more about any of these products and how I use them, just send me an email or ask on Facebook.


All photos are from the companies’ websites.




Ask Crystal: Best Under-Eye Concealer

Tutorials by a Professional Makeup Artist

Q: What is the best concealer for a dark circles?

From: Adrienne F.

To best answer this question we need to refer to the basic color wheel, and a little added knowledge of complimentary colors.

HGTV Color Wheel

Colors that are directly opposite each other in the color wheel are considered complimentary colors. These colors compliment each other when used together by creating the strongest contrast. If you take a look at the chart to the right, you might notice some very recognizable combos like purple and yellow/gold (LA Lakers), green and red (Christmas), and, my personal favorite, blue and orange. As in blue, the color under your eyes, and orange, your new favorite color if you have dark circles. In addition to creating the best contrast, these complimentary colors are also used to cancel each other out when layered and THAT is the secret to erasing your dark circles.

So, now that we have that out of the way, I can answer the real question. If you are like most people and have a blueish undertone in the skin under your eyes, you are going to need to invest in a concealer with a peach or orange base. That being said, the best concealer will be different for everyone.

Lucky You: For those of you in need of just a little bit of brightening up in your under eye area, I recommend lightweight concealer with a peach base and light reflective properties such as Airbrush Concealer from Clinique.

A Little Extra: For those who need a little extra coverage, I recommend a medium coverage concealer with a peach or pink base like AmazingConcealer from AmazingCosmetics in Light, Medium or Dark Beige.

Welcome to My Life: Lastly, for those of you who, like me, suffer from the daily suffering of deep dark under-eye circles and bags, I recommend a two-step course of action. First step: use an orange color corrector mixed with some highlighter. I use the tiniest amount of Deep Brown Corrector mixed with the Blue Corrector #1, both from Make-Up Designory (MUD). Second step: use a neutral based (or yellow or pink, depending on your skin tone) concealer that matches, or is at most one shade lighter than your skin-tone and blend into the surrounding areas.

Now that you know what my favorite concealers are, the next step is knowing exactly where to place them to maximize their effectiveness, but… that is for another day =)

I hope this “Ask Crystal” session answered your question, Adrienne. If anyone else has any questions, I am always here to help! Just leave a comment below, or visit my Instagram (@CrystalHuberMakeup) or Facebook and ask me anything!










Color Wheel: HGTV website.


Simple Foundation for Beginners

Whether you are a beginner or a make-up enthusiast, it is always to fun to refresh our day-time look and go back to basics. In our first “Made-up with Scarlett” tutorial, I go over the basics to a simple foundation application that will give you even coverage and smooth transitions between the areas that benefit from a lighter or heavier coverage.

Thousand Oaks Makeup lessons

Simple Foundation Application Tutorial



With a brush, sponge or fingers tips, apply dots or swipes of foundation to Zone 1 areas. Gently start blending out toward your hair and jawlines, Zone 2 areas.

This method will insure the highest coverage is in the areas of the face that are most prone to redness and discoloration, and also helps to create a smooth transition into your hairline and neck.