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Ask Crystal: Best Under-Eye Concealer

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Q: What is the best concealer for a dark circles?

From: Adrienne F.

To best answer this question we need to refer to the basic color wheel, and a little added knowledge of complimentary colors.

HGTV Color Wheel

Colors that are directly opposite each other in the color wheel are considered complimentary colors. These colors compliment each other when used together by creating the strongest contrast. If you take a look at the chart to the right, you might notice some very recognizable combos like purple and yellow/gold (LA Lakers), green and red (Christmas), and, my personal favorite, blue and orange. As in blue, the color under your eyes, and orange, your new favorite color if you have dark circles. In addition to creating the best contrast, these complimentary colors are also used to cancel each other out when layered and THAT is the secret to erasing your dark circles.

So, now that we have that out of the way, I can answer the real question. If you are like most people and have a blueish undertone in the skin under your eyes, you are going to need to invest in a concealer with a peach or orange base. That being said, the best concealer will be different for everyone.

Lucky You: For those of you in need of just a little bit of brightening up in your under eye area, I recommend lightweight concealer with a peach base and light reflective properties such as Airbrush Concealer from Clinique.

A Little Extra: For those who need a little extra coverage, I recommend a medium coverage concealer with a peach or pink base like AmazingConcealer from AmazingCosmetics in Light, Medium or Dark Beige.

Welcome to My Life: Lastly, for those of you who, like me, suffer from the daily suffering of deep dark under-eye circles and bags, I recommend a two-step course of action. First step: use an orange color corrector mixed with some highlighter. I use the tiniest amount of Deep Brown Corrector mixed with the Blue Corrector #1, both from Make-Up Designory (MUD). Second step: use a neutral based (or yellow or pink, depending on your skin tone) concealer that matches, or is at most one shade lighter than your skin-tone and blend into the surrounding areas.

Now that you know what my favorite concealers are, the next step is knowing exactly where to place them to maximize their effectiveness, but… that is for another day =)

I hope this “Ask Crystal” session answered your question, Adrienne. If anyone else has any questions, I am always here to help! Just leave a comment below, or visit my Instagram (@CrystalHuberMakeup) or Facebook and ask me anything!










Color Wheel: HGTV website.


Boudoir Marathon

Hi all and a very Happy New Year to everyone!!

I am very excited to announce a collaboration between myself and Alyssa Armstrong Photography for a boudoir marathon just in time for Valentine’s Day. So if you are looking for the perfect gift for your special someone, what can be better that some special photos for “their eyes only”. Even though a lot of people use their boudoir photos as a gift, the experience itself is pretty amazing. If you need a little pick-me-up to start off 2015 and feel liberated, sexy, confident and beautiful, there is no better way than a boudoir photo shoot. I hope you can join us!

The studio we are using has some seriously pretty light and backdrops, but in addition to that, we are bringing in a couple different set-ups and design elements that will be drop-dead-gorgeous! I am so excited! Below is a photo from one of Alyssa and my past collaborations, isn’t she so talented?

Los Angeles Boudoir Makeup

Date: Sunday January 18, 2015
Location: Broken-Rabbit Studios 1340 E. 6th Street, Suite 613  Los Angeles, CA 90021

Make-up and Hair
45 min private photo shoot
Online Viewing Gallery
15% off all products (prints, albums, wall canvases etc.)
Investment: $300

We only have one day, with very limited spots left available, so please contact Alyssa ASAP to reserve your spot at alyssa@alyssaarmstrong.com.