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Best Lip Color for Brides

I do a lot of weddings every year and with each one comes a bride with her own unique personality, style, skin tone and idea of what she wants to look like on her wedding day. Every person is different, obviously, so why do I end up using the same lip color on approximately 90% of my brides? Because it’s awesome that’s why!best lipstick for brides

What is this magical color? It is Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Lip in the color 02C Rosewood. It is the perfect light pink color for brides. A blend of warm and cool tones, and complimentary to almost every skin tone, it is also a waterproof formula that stays on through hours of “congratulations” hugs, and “i love you” kisses, not to mention all of the photos. Oh the photos!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip

The effects of make-up in photography is a whole topic by itself, but just know that if you are getting your photo taken, it is always better to wear something on your lips rather than nothing, and it is a huge benefit if that something is at least slightly darker than your natural lip color and is moisturizing enough to hide the dryness.

Aqua Lip is creamy, so it goes on smoothly and Favorite Bridal Lip Liner Colordoesn’t give you that dried out feeling that some of the other waterproof liners and lip stains can give you. Not to say that you don’t need something even creamer over it for moister and an extra pop, but that is for another time. This liner provides a lasting color base, some extra moisture, and offers a beautiful selection of colors.

The Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip comes in a variety of colors and I do recommend others like Nude Beige 01C for brides that want a little less color and a more neutral tone nude lip, and Red 08C for an always chic, vibrate red lip. For the time being, however, my favorite will remain Rosewood, the perfect bridal lip color!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip retails for $19 and is available their website


Photo of Aqua Lip and Color Swatches are from the Make Up For Ever website.