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Airbrush vs. Traditional

Airbrush Makeup– Airbrush makeup is applied through a spray gun and gives the appearance of a smooth, flawless complexion without a heavy or cakey finish by minimizing the amount of product applied to the face and maximizing the coverage. The result is a long-lasting, waterproof application that will not rub off or transfer to clothes. The formula is so lightweight, that it is used on men for an undetectable natural coverage to correct discoloration, blemished or razor burn for photography and special events.

Advantages to Airbrush

  • Natural looking, flawless coverage
  • Long-wearing, waterproof finish
  • Wont rub off or transfer to clothing
  • Lightweight feel
  • Does not cake, smudge or flake off
  • Oil-free
  • Perfect for sensitive skin

Traditional Makeup– A traditional makeup application utilizes make-up brushes, sponges and hands to achieve the desired look for the client. This form of application can be long-wearing and provide a flawless coverage much like airbrushing, and also gives the artist hands-on control and allows for a combination of products and textures to be applied to the skin.

Skin Care- Preparation for Makeup Application

Leading up to the big day…

(Below are recommendations, and depending on individual circumstances, may not be suitable for all clients)

  • Keep hydrated: Up your water intake in the weeks leading up to the event.
  • Be sure to complete all facial procedures 1 week prior to the event.
  • Find skin care routine that works for you and follow it regularly.
    • Cleanse face and neck (using luke warm water, never extremely hot or cold)
    • Exfoliate with a scrub that contains micro-beads once per week
    • Moisturize
    • Apply sunscreen (daytime)

Day-of Suggestions…

    • Cleanse face and neck using cool water.
    • Drink lots of water in the morning to ensure you are stay hydrated throughout the day.
    • What is your skin type?
      • Dry Skin: Moisturize
      • Normal to Oily Skin: Do not moisturize